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About The JFIIISCI Foundation

John's Story

John's Story

At the age of 12, John Fair III suffered a T-5 spinal cord injury while undergoing corrective surgery following a diagnosis of Scoliosis at the age of two years old. As a growing child, the curve of the spine reached 140 degrees and began interfering with John’s lung function and eventually would have caused irreparable damage to his heart.

At this point, surgery was the only option. In August of 2006, John underwent corrective surgery. Upon awaking from surgery, he had no feeling from his chest down. The rods were removed with the hope that this would relieve any pressure, but that was not the case. At the age of 12, John became a spinal cord injury (SCI) survivor. 

Nothing could prepare John and his family for this drastic change as they began their journey after SCI. This lead to the creation of The John Fair III Spinal Cord Injury Foundation. 

Today, John is a college student and is actively involved in wheelchair sports. He is an integral part of The River Performance Arts Troupe where he is able to demonstrate his singing and acting abilities despite of his paralysis. Each day brings new challenges, but also a new opportunity to reach new heights with his injury. 
The Foundation was founded by John's incredible story, but it is his unwavering zest for life and the passion we see in teens and adults attending our events and activities that keeps us going. 

Our Mission

Our Mission


The John Fair III Spinal Cord Injury Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all SCI survivors as well living with other mobility challenges. We work to create events that are wheelchair friendly and focused on giving disabled individuals the opportunity to experience fun and exciting events. Through fellowship and support, we create a strong network for those living with mobility challenges and their families that can offer advice, referrals, and more. 

Our goal is to reach millions with the message of
MOVE SOMEONE WHO CAN'T which inspires people to give respect, consideration, and care for each other despite physical differences and abilities. Our primary focus is on socialization and recreation for those with physical disabilities. 


Our Founders


As parents, you try to prepare for every possibility when it comes to your children, but nothing could have prepared John and Cassandra Fair for the news that their 12-year-old son would never walk again.


You see your child running, swimming, playing, riding his bike one day and the next day he is lying in a hospital bed paralyzed from the chest down. The doctors telling you your child is wheelchair bound for the rest of his life. After hearing this tragic news, Cassandra and John were left with tons of questions and no answers. Where do we go from here?  How can we help, and take care of our son? How do we create a new life for him and others who have suffered this tragedy?

Our Founders

These were the questions burning through their minds.  These questions were the inspiration behind The John Fair III Spinal Cord Injury Foundation.  When other SCI survivors and their families find themselves with these same questions, there is help and support!!

For over a decade, John and Cassandra have advocated for acceptance and awareness for people with disabilities and their families.  They are passionate about keeping people with mobility disabilities moving. Isolation is one of the largest obstacles people with mobility issues face. The organizations sole mission is to provide recreational activities as well as numerous opportunities for socialization to combat this issue.

They will continue to MOVE SOMEONE WHO CAN'T!!!

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